R6 tracker profile has old stats that I don't want

The Xbox account: R6Tracker - jsantillan5 - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats
New Ubisoft Account: R6Tracker - jsantillan5 - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

  • These accounts are both linked to my TRN account.

I recently started playing R6 again and when I left in 2021, I was at level 152 with a history of ranks and stats (1st link). I started playing again two days ago, but prior to that, I had deleted my old Ubisoft account and the saved game data for R6 on my Xbox account. I did this because I wanted a fresh start and as I am writing this I am currently level 6 after making a new Ubisoft account, but using the same Xbox account. My level is being tracked on the new Ubisoft account I made but none of the current stats from levels 1 to 7 are being tracked. I’ve only played quick match and those stats are registering on the Xbox account, yet my old stats (history) are still showing up on my xbox profile. I want to have my Xbox account not display the old stats, but rather just the new stats (Casual - Y8S2). Does anybody have a method or fix for this that I could try? I was thinking about changing the gamertag, but I feel it isn’t worth the risk.

You can’t do anything, nor can we. We just display what Ubisoft tells us.