R6 Xbox - Stats Not Showing

My stats rainbow six stats are not appearing correctly on the website, I play on Xbox and my gamertag is: sy

Occasionally the stats show correctly but when I refresh the page it returns to the incorrect stats of another player.

I am unsure why this issue is happening and would appreciate any help on getting it fixed.

Have you changed your gamertag from something else to ‘Sy’ in recent weeks/months?

We’re aware of issues caused by gamertag swaps and it’s not ideal however if you can provide an answer to the above i’ll see if anything can be done to help.

Also it would be really helpful to know what level your account is if possible?

Thank you

The name has been sy for around 6 months and I’m currently level 42.

Any updates? I provided the information ^

It’s under review; gamertag changes cause issues on the back end.

Will update when I can

As a temporary measure, you will need to use this link (Bookmark it)

Due to your Gamertag swaps we need time to implement further fixes.

R6Tracker - sy - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats