R6tracker showing wrong stats

I saw my rank matches are 1328 on website,but I just have played 305 matches,and my rank kd truely is 1.40kd;
unranked/casual i saw on website are 26712 matches,but so far I just have played 9611 matches,and my kd truely is 1.68kd.
Life time data also isn’t mine,it shows that i have played 1063.5 hours,but i have played rainbowsixsiege for 2548 hours on uplay,and my steam has 4534 hours . Now the data on website isn’t mine ! Please fix it up!

Hi, we will release soon. Once the fix has been released, you will be required to play 1 match.

Hi My stats are Showing differently than in game, on r6 tracker it saiz im 4722 elo but in game it says im 197 elo into champ, can you help