Rainbow Challenges Not Updating

Anyone know like why the rainbow challenges wont update the normal 50 kills one updates my kills but the one for $125 hasn’t updated for almost a day

Hi @JMoneySnD,

Do you mean this challenge? If so, it is completed already and the leaderboard will not be updated.

then whats the 8 days mean? i stopped playing bc i thought it had 8 days bc there was no countdown or anything

and whats the top 3 bling mean and where would that show up still confused about the 8 day thing.

Please note there are “Current TRN Challenges” and “Completed Challenges” on the page, this is how you can distinguish active challenges and inactive challenges.

The “DreamHack Beyond Kills Challenge” is completed and shown for historical reasons only. In this case, “8 days straight” means that winners received daily rewards during 8 days when this challenge was active.

dang i have basically 150 kills on him in the basic 50 kills i wish there was a count down telling you when it ended and not just 8 days straight making it seem like i was going to last 8 days bc i wouldnt have got off lol