Rainbow Six Siege category not updated


Been a long user of R6 tracker and the tracker was getting updated every season to include new agents / new infos each season.

Any update coming for this ? We are missing 2 agents, the seasonal stats of the 2 last seasons.

Hi, the last two operators are missing because of an issue on Ubi’s end. What seasonal stats are missing for the last two seasons? The seasonal operator stats? All the other seasonal stats should be working perfectly.

Seasonal stats for the operators, all of them, nothing show up except the message
"We have been tracking your seasonal operators since March 15. Use our site on the first day of a new season to improve accuracy of this tool! "

Lifetime stats for the missing operators

Yeah, we are aware that the seasonal operator stats don’t work, we calculate them from the lifetime operator stats. As the lifetime operator stats don’t currently work, nor will the seasonal. Just wanted to clear up that is the only seasonal stat you were saying was broken. We are looking at potential work arounds, however Ubi fixing their issues is the ideal scenario. Apologies.