Rainbow Six Siege Tracker Not Updating

So in Rainbow Six when I open the tracker to check on my stats I notice the “Lifetime” category has not updated and will not update from when I only had 30 games played. My “Ranked” stats update every time but not my like “Quick match” stats or “Lifetime.” It still says I only have 8 hours of game time and when other players see my “Lifetime” KD which is 3.07 from my first 30 easy casual games that has not updated they call me out and accuse me of cheating and report me which is the first big issues. And second I would also like to be able to view my other stats, Updated KD, Game time, Wins, etc. If there is any way I could get this fixed let me know! thank you

Hi, this is an issue on Ubisoft’s end, we are trying to get them to fix it. Thanks