Rainbow Six Verification Mark

I saw on a another Topic that u must link multiple Accounts for the Verification Mark, but I already linked Origin, Riot, Ubisoft, Faceit, PSN, YouTube, Discord, Twitch, Battlenet, Epic Games. So what do I need to link more to get the Verification Mark?

Would be thankful for a answer!^^

Hi @unrxvei,

Could you send us a link to your profile on our website please?

Hey LostBlood

Sorry for the late answer, I had health issues and couldn’t actually do anything. R6Tracker - unrxveI - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

Have you tried to unlink your Ubisoft account and link it again? Can you see a verification mark next to your Ubisoft nickname on this page?


Sorry, I have just noticed your platform on the website. Unfortunately, we do not support verification on PlayStation at the moment.