Rank doesnt show up in Peak Rating & in E1 A2 & A3

My Tracker shows that i was Immortal 3 only in Episode 1 Act 2 and shows that i dont have a Rank at all in Act 3. And i was Radiant almost all season in E1 Act 3. so how come it doesnt show up as Radiant in my Peak Rating like it does with other people?

Voted. I have the same problem, Radiant in E1A3, and it says I was D3.

if you didn’t use the site at the time, there was no way for us to actually get any of that info. episode 1 was especially tricky due to the lack of official leaderboard availability. what comes up is most likely the last known rank at the time of an act ending, not the act peak. there’s not much we can do about missing historical data from a year ago.