Rebirth island kill not counting

rebirth island kills not counting

what do u mean its not counting what is it going to kd,weapon?

Total kills only add BR + Plunder but rebirth never gets add or shown

hmm thats odd can i see a clip of u getting a kill leaving n see if it shows?

I played 23 Resurgence Trios matches today with 66 kills but my total kills never increased however BR kill do increase it

so what ur saying is that ur BR kills went up even doe u player resurgence?
im confused tbh

no rebirth tab

thats werid idk why it does that but it should be fixed soon bc back when i played fortnite i apperantly had 34b kills for around a day or so i have no more reply heres proof

Rebirth tab finally added

but it doesnt update

it seems to be bugged