Rebirth Island Stats Table

Hi, i see you added Rebirth island statas Tab but i cant see my stats there, it shows a message that says “stats unavailable”. This happens to my friends too, but there are some people that can see Rebirth stats. Can I fix this somehow?

Hi @Davhenz,

Have you (or your friends) played matches in this game mode recently? If so, could you send us a link to your profile (and profiles of your friends) please?

Yeah, i always play this mode.

I could not reproduce the issue, I see your Rebirth stats in the sidebar. Is the data still missing for you?


Now i can see my stats, issue solved. Thank you

Sorry for the bump. Im having this issue as well, Rebirth Stats have never displayed but that is all I play. Can you help with my account?

Its working now, dont know what was done but thank you.

i have the same issue where i don’t see my rebirth stats

We’ve seen multiple reports of this issue.

Looking into it!

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