Receiving a 401 response code when using API

Hello Forums,

I am using the tracker gg API to try and get a CSGO player’s profile stats. I believe I have done everything correctly but am receiving a 401 response code. I have copied my API key into my .env and assigned it as a variable in my code using: TRACKER_GG = os.getenv('TRACKERGG'). Here is my full code, any ideas of what I may be doing wrong? Do I need to enable CSGO anywhere in the developer portal to use the CSGO API?

    url = f'{player_id}'
    headers = {'Authorization': f'TRN-Api-Key: {TRACKER_GG}'}
    response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
    if response.ok:
        data = response.json()

        username = data['data']['platformInfo']['platformUserHandle']
        level = data['data']['segments'][0]['stats']['level']['displayValue']
        kd_ratio = data['data']['segments'][0]['stats']['kdRatio']['displayValue']

        message = f"{username} has a level of {level} and a K/D ratio of {kd_ratio}."
        await ctx.send(message)
        await ctx.send("Failed to retrieve CS:GO stats.")

Hi @mfCash,

I am not exactly sure if this line is correct:

headers = {'Authorization': f'TRN-Api-Key: {TRACKER_GG}'}

You should send this HTTP header:

"TRN-Api-Key": "your key here"

I assume that your code sends a different header.