Recent Ranked Match History

I cant see my recent ranked match’s. I try so many things but its still bugged can u guys help me ?

Hey, are you running a version of Windows Insider Preview or running the game from Geforce? Did you install the app for the first time or did it work before?

I was having the same problem when I downloaded the application before. I wanted to download it again and still have the same problem. I open the game on steam over vulcan.strong text

@ALB4TR0S Overwolf is releasing a fixed version but it’s currently phasing to all users. Can you please Reset Overwolf tomorrow so we can be sure you received the latest version, and try again? Thank you.

Adsız i still have the same problem

Can you please link me to your profile on the R6 tracker site?

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@ALB4TR0S is the match history working for you? does it track the matches okay? or both the side view of ranked matches and the match history doesn’t track it?