Regarding Api Service

  1. So we are planning to host leaderboards for Call Of duty warzone and Apex Legends who play match making and provide them prize money

  2. The users who wants to play in the leaderboards should subscribe to the website, so we collect subscription amount from the players

So what we require is

  1. Collect match making statistics for the users who have registered in the website for the leaderboard purpose

So my concerns are

  1. Can you guys provide us api support for the same
  2. We are planning to host Call of duty warzone and Apex Legends tournament also in the future, will we get any issue from the game developers
  3. We are planning go global and can we handle around 1 million user data(This is just a rough figure) (To scale up if you want we can have api requests running on our own infrastructure)

Hello and welcome to the TRN forums.

First off, I want to raise the concern that I am not affiliated with TRN - I just use their product and am active on their forums, so I cannot provide answers in any official capacity on behalf of TRN.

You can find their already public Apex API here:

As far as I am aware, they do not have a public Warzone API for use, but someone on staff may have a better answer to your question for that specific API.

I don’t believe TRN will be able to answer if you’ll get trouble from the game developers for hosting tournaments. Generally, you would need to get in touch with the game studio themselves in order to be sure you’re not breaching some sort of agreement. Most of your concerns may already be addressed in the respective Terms of Service for each game.


Please contact us via email ([email protected]) and describe your idea.