Remove Profile From RL Tracker Website

Hello, I recently changed usernames and deleted my account: (goshparadox's Rocket League Stats - Rocket League Tracker)
I even changed the username of the original account before deleting it and it never updated.

I would like it if this profile was removed from the website. I have already tried making a new Epic account with the same username, claiming the profile and then changing the username again, nothing works. I just want it so that this username “GoshParadox”, does not exist when you search it up.

Thank you.

Hi @woahwoahwoah,

In most cases, stats are available for a short period of time after changing your nickname or deleting your account. Your profile should be removed from our website automatically eventually.

However, some actions such as you describe might complicate the process as Rocket League API does not work properly with Epic Games accounts in some cases. Could you tell us please when you deleted your first account and created a new one with the same nickname?

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I deleted the original account four months ago (when it last tracked those games). I made a new account a few days ago and used the same original username (and eventually changed the username to something else to see if it would change) and the account never updated, despite even linking the new Epic account and claiming the TRN profile. I have since deleted of the new account (changed the username too) since nothing worked.

So to be clear, “GoshParadox” is not actually linked to any RL player/account (does not exist) and I just want it to either update or be removed.