Remove the alias history from my playstation account

I can’t remove the alias history from my playstation account, how do I do it?

  1. Make an account on our site
  2. Link your PSN account to your TRN account
  3. Navigate to your profile page on siege
  4. Make sure you are logged in
  5. There should be a ‘hide aliases’ button under your previous aliases.

I am well connected and I linked my account, but the button is not there, and next to my username, I do not have the small blue logo as I have on my uplay account

What is your PSN name on this page please: Tracker Network Login

Also, please provide me a link to your stats page.


The first is JadeKira-

and the link to the stats : R6Tracker - JadeKira- - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

Is it okay? Can you do it? @itsPost