Remove Twitter from Tracker profiles

Hi, I’m mainly focused on Valorant, but noticed that my Twitter link still shows on every tracker page. I removed Twitter from my linked accounts, however it is still there. Looking for assistance if possible. Thanks in advance.

Hi @shoeyk1ng,

Sometimes it may take time to apply changes in the system. Could you log out, log in and check your profiles on the website again, does it force changes this way?

Thanks for the quick reply. I did as you said and it still shows my twitter account on my tracker profiles. Also, I have had my Twitter account unlinked from my account for quite a while now, suspecting that it could possibly take a while for the icon to disappear, however after quite a long time it still shows on my profiles.

Actually, I just noticed your Twitter account is still linked in your Tracker Network account settings. Do I get it right that it does not appear for you when you open this page?

If so, could you try to link it and unlink again to see if it resolves the issue?

Thanks so much. For some reason navigating to that page normally didn’t show twitter as a linked account, but clicking on the link you posted did. Unlinking it again seems to have fixed the issue and no longer shows on my profiles. Thanks for the help!