Resurgence best matches not showing

Hi hope this finds you well
When trying to see my best matches i can’t find my rebirth resurgence games it’s only showing my BR games, my best matches on resurgence used to appear but they don’t now and i can’t even chose resurgence as a game mode while trying to access my best matches, anyway hope this gets fixed and hope y’all enjoy the game

Same here sadly… hopefully its minor bug

@scky10 @Riko Hi, we’ve been made aware of issues with Resurgence statistics. I’m working on finding as many players with issues as possible to make it easier for the Dev team to track down a fix.

Would you mind screenshotting your in-game statistics so I can draw a comparison between what we are displaying on site?

Thank you

Hi thanks for your answer, as of today best matches are displayed properly with resurgence statistics, if you still need my in-game statistics i’d be more than happy to provide them.