RL stats not updated

Epic is DustyChuckTaylor. Changed my primary console from Switch to PC and all my stats from before the change dont show.

Hi @dustychucktaylor,

Is your Switch profile still available on our website? Can we compare your real stats to your stats on the website?

I can’t find my switch profile on the site, but the name was pretty generic: Mikey. Would changing it to something more unique help or cause more issues?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict what will happen if you change your username. The Rocket League API does not work well in such cases sometimes.

I noticed that you linked this profile and our website updated your stats a couple of days ago:

Do I get it right that your stats are still outdated?

Yes they are still outdated. Well not quite outdated. The site still updates my stats every time I play, it just doesn’t include anything from before the primary console change, so the totals are much lower.