RL Tracker broken for my account

I changed my name from LearningKBMRL to BögRL on Epic, and ever since I’ve done that, the tracker refuses to update my account. It basically thinks I’m not playing at all when I’ve been playing a lot.

I have no competitive ranks on the tracker page, but I am ranked in every mode so it’s very odd that it fails to fetch my data.

I tried checking both the old username and the new one but neither of them is being updated, it’s very inconvenient.
I fear that the special character within my name is breaking the tracker for some crazy reason.

Links to new/old tracker:

Hi @PixeL,

Unfortunately, Rocket League does not fully support special (non-English) characters at the moment, and we cannot fix it on our side since we receive the data from Psyonix.

Please use only English characters and numbers in your nickname if you want to track your Rocket League stats.

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