[Rocket League] Error Code: 1020

Sup guys,

since today I’m getting the Error Code 1020.

Is there a specific reason behind it?
I do roughly 7.000 Requests per day (curl in an foreach, I’m not that familiar with requests and php).


Hello @Schmaniel and welcome to the TRN forums.

According to the below post, it seems like TRN has recently pulled support for the Rocket League API:

However, it seems like this was done a few months ago, so I’m surprised as to why you were still able to hit TRN’s endpoint. Are you sure you were using a TRN API for Rocket League, or were you maybe actually using Psyonix’s API instead?

Error 1020 sounds like a CloudFlare error code, usually meaning “Access Denied”. It’s likely whichever endpoint you were hitting recently put up a rule that denies access to that endpoint in CloudFlare.

Hey @vindictivesmurf ,
I’m absolutely sure, that I’m using the endpoint from tracker.gg.
It ist still working via my private Internet/Computer.

Thats why I thought they Blocked the IP address because I did too many requests

Huh, interesting.

Yeah given the information you’ve provided, I’m guessing you were sending too many requests, or they might have decided decided to block IPs that were/are still using the service. Maybe TRN is working on spinning it back up and isn’t ready to release to the public yet? Purely conjecture - I don’t work at TRN, so my thoughts are my own on here.

Hi @Schmaniel,

Please make sure you are not using any APIs not listed on this page:


We do not grant access to our private APIs. Our systems may automatically ban you if they detect it.

Hey @LostBlood I didn’t knew this was a private APIs.

Maybe you should have an autorization then, because I didn’t need a key or something for the API.

Still thanks for your response!