Scaling issues on 90deg screen (1080x1920)

I’m having scaling issues when I want to have the Tracker app open on my secondary monitor.

Secodary monitor is turned 90deg and is on 1080x1920 resolution.
Example on the “Live Match” Tab, I’m unable to see the 3rd “top threaths” persons info and unable to view any of their current match stats.

Possible fixes:

  • Scale content to match the app size. As it’s now cropping the info.
  • Give user the possibility to resize window?

Hi, thanks for reporting, we are looking into it.

im having the same problem

Unfortunately there’s no solution for that at this point. We reported that to the Overwolf team but we don’t have an ETA for a fix.

still having the problem…cant see full screen, going to have to uninstall

I understand, sorry about that.