Score Screen Overlay Off Centered

The score screen brought up by holding Tab on PC has a new overlay that shows rank and peak. It looks like it should be centered on the clock and score at the top center but on my ultrawide (32:9) it sits off to the left half of the screen.

Hi @D4rkFr4g,

Thank you for your report! Could you please send us your app logs and a screenshot to help us understand how exactly it looks like on your monitor?

Hi LostBlood,

Here are the requested files.

Screenshot: TRN Overlay Off Center
App Logs: AppLogs_2024-05-11_20-16-24

Hey, @D4rkFr4g.

Thank you for sending over these files.

We will analyse your logs and get back to you shortly.

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Hey, @D4rkFr4g.

We made the decision to revert the app to 2.7.0 for the time being and therefore will work on the issue you reported internally.

Thank you again for your feedback!

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