Scoreboard Not Working

Ever since the lastest Windows app updates (currently 1.8.4), I can not get the Live Match > Scoreboard to work during the game. Everyone else’s stats change/adjust during the game, showing their performance. But my K-D stays at “0-0” the entire time.

I’ve tried everything that I can think of.

  1. Private and Public… neither works.
  2. Uninstall and Reinstall… nothing changes.
  3. Reboot computer… all is the same.

BUT when I press Tab (during the Valorant game), I can still see the overlay which shows how many kills per round, etc, etc.

After the game, I can go to Trends and see my stats. I can go to Match History and see all the details of my last game. But I just don’t have Live Stats during the game, in the Windows App.


Hi @Spauln,

Thank you for your report. We received a similar one recently and we think the issue is related to your privacy settings:

Could you set both settings to “Off”, restart the game and check if it resolves the issue? You can also send us your logs to help us understand the issue better:

We will release a fix as soon as we find out why exactly it happens.

Thanks, your solution worked. I had the first privacy setting (Hide my name…) turned on. Once I turned it off, the new Valorant Tracker app for windows started showing the Scoreboard information for myself when I played.

FYI… I have a friend who often plays in a party with me. Before I turned the privacy setting off, they also had their privacy setting on, and I was still able to see their stats as they played. But not my own - even though we both had the same privacy setting turned on. Hope that info helps in finding a more permanent solution.

We have just released a fix. Please make sure you are using v1.8.5 (you can check it in the app settings) and let us know if it resolved the issues for you.

Seems to be working great. Thanks!