Season 4 rounds not counted towards stats

I found an issue with some rounds from Season 4. When viewing history, they’re missing the title and the image, and they don’t count towards the stats in the Levels tab. Button Bashers and The Slimescraper are missing from the Levels tab altogether. Tested on Basketfall, Button Bashers and Big Shots. Short Circuit however worked fine.

Lastly, 3 small things: Ski Fall behaves like a Hunt round, rather than a Race round (not showing the finishing position) and thus shows up alongside Hunt rounds in the Levels tab. Roll On and Roll Out somehow share the same stats (I’ve played 2x Roll On and 0x Roll Out, and both display 2/2 qualifications and 1 bronze medal). And the word “Eliminated” shows up as “Eliminiated”.

Please refer to the image below (can’t upload more due to restrictions). (Getting eliminated on Basketfall)

Thank you very much for your time!

Hey, sorry about that.
Any chance that you can maybe share your log files with us so we can take a look at what’s wrong?
It will help us a lot. It’s preferred you will play a few matches in a row when you notice that it happens, then the logs will help us the most.

This is how to do it:
We need Player.log and Player_prev.log from AppData\LocalLow\Mediatonic\FallGuys_client

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply!
The game doesn’t feel like giving me any of the bugged rounds so far and I have to go away for a few hours, so this might take a while, sorry :smiley:
I’ll be sure to send the logs as soon as possible, thanks!

Alright, got the logs! The game was feeling generous this time, so I hope I helped you as much as possible.

And here is the show summary in the tracker, if you wanted to take a look.
(Black spaces: Show 74 - Power Trip, Show 75 - Basketfall, Show 76 - Big Shots)

Thanks for your help!