Season rewards bug (Diamond rewards displaying "silver logo")


As the title and the image say.

Hey, can you please link me to your profile on our site? Thanks.

Hi @RoDeX , sure, here it is: .
(On the website the correct “diamond logo” appears though).

Hey, with the new session, can you please let me know if this issue repeats itself? Thank you.

@Brsk79 we released an app update with a fix to this issue, thanks for reporting!

Hi @RoDeX , I made sure to download the new version but the rank remained untouched and the “silver logo” too.
Today I played some ranked matches with my friend but it seems to not update, please see attached image where I have the app (on the left) and the website version (on the right, with updated stats).
Red square and green square are not updated accordingly to website.
Yellow square is still bugged (main issue in this post’s title) and ALSO it should be bronze since I’m still doing my reward wins and I didn’t complete the bronze wins yet (please see the screenshot in the next reply).

It looks like the app didn’t update to the new season or something like this.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me in case of any doubts or clarifications needed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Here is the second screenshot.

Thank you.

Can you please open settings and make sure it’s v2.1.5?

If it’s still the case. can you please try to uninstall the app and install it again?

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Good information thanks for sharing

I need more words to post. Thanks for sharing.

Hi @RoDeX , sorry for the lack of reply.
I uninstalled it and re-installed it after you replay (on December) and it looked like it was the issue.

I was sure to have replied to you but it didn’t send the reply.
Thank you.

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