Second Screen: Not showing

I have the same problem as App not showing on Second Screen - Overwolf Apps / Rocket League Tracker App - Tracker Network here show. Although the solution there works, but the tracker can not automatically appear on my second screen still appeals to be annoying.

To TRN developers: My second monitor is on the right of my main monitor before, everything seems to be fine and works perfectly. After I switched my set-up to put my second monitor to the left of the main monitor and changed Settings in Windows, the function seems not working anymore. I thought this might a clue for you guys to fix this.

Hi @Pur_Blu,

Thank you for your report. We have been getting more similar reports recently and we are currently working on a fix.

Please note the fix for our Apex Legends app might be delayed since a new season starts today and in-game features will not be available for a few days.

@LostBlood Good to know that. Thanks!

We have fixed the second screen issue in our internal builds and we are currently working on the new season support. Hopefully, an update will be released this week.