Set psn id for warzone on public but is still private

Hi i set my ps everywhere on public but still trn says that its private for vanguard and warzone. For all other game here like rocket l and fortnite its public ass it should be. I allready reached out to psn and activision and they said to reach to you. Socould need some advice there plz

@Killersham30 Your PSN profile is certainly private and we have zero access to your data once privacy filters are enabled for obvious reasons.

However I did locate this account: killersham30#1343356’s COD Warzone Overview Stats - COD Warzone Tracker would this look accurate for your playtime recently?


Yes thats mine. But how is it possible that i can see my stats on rocket league division2 fortnite and apex. Activision and Sony said everything is as it should be on there end.