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You can use this forum to share your issues with us or tell us if you have any questions or requests.

This is just an example post, you should know that you can also vote inside a topic so we will be able to prioritize everything. If you think that a topic is important for you, vote for it!

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Please bring back the competitive filter. Who cares about stats in unrated and spike rush. Thank you, love the tracker.


Hey @zz12336, can you please let me know what do you mean with the competitive filter? do you mean on the site or the app? (or both?)

bring back comp filter and update the client so it tracks my ingame with the new update

Hey @michaeljalberto, what is comp filter?

Yes Win Loss ratio should really be about Competitive games ideally. Would be nice if I can elect to ignore Spike Rush that’s usually just a casual warm up and less sweaty try hard by me :slight_smile:

What that mean, is theyd like the ability to be able to individually track comp games instead of the stats also tracking unrated and spike rush. So allowing people to choose whether to show just comp stats, or to show all stats from all gamemodes.

Just a suggestion, but being able to sign in and out of the account that displays so if you have alts or have friends come over and play they can check there stats on the fly as well

@Porkye you should be able to do that if you login with a new account, then quit the game, and re-launch it.

@SharkyLQ got it, thanks. Coming soon :slight_smile:

I don’t know why, but the Valorant tracker isn’t working for me and isn’t picking up or showing any stats. Even the live match doesn’t work. Please help!

Hey @Craycay, the API we are using is currently down because of the new update. It’s being fixed as we speak. I hope it will be ready soon.

Hi, there is a bug in “Insights” Tab. the avatars of Reyna and Jett are switched.

Thanks @bigheadBR, known issue. Will work on fixing it.

Just curious if it’d be possible to not have to pay for premium twice, once in the overwatch app and once on the site itself. It should link via emails ideally.

Also, Killjoy isn’t showing up in the app correctly and doesn’t track at all when it comes to which agents you play and which is your best.

Hey @Skittles9823, thanks for the feedback! Understood. Did you pay on the app first or on the site first?

Also, Killjoy will be added to the app soon.

Site first.

Glad to hear.

Ok @Skittles9823, this can be improved, hopefully we will be able to update it this week to make sure Site subs are also subs on the app.
Regarding Killjoy, it’s now updated in the app too.

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Please make it so that the Performance tab has separate stats and charts for each game mode

Thanks for the request! We’ll look into it :slight_smile: