Show the roster in the middle of the screen

i have dowloaded this app yesterday and it works pretty well, but ever so often my roster of people in the game tends to jump to almost the middle of my screen, changing resolutions doesnt change it, i have started the game in both 1920x1080 and in 3840x2160
i have also changed the window from fullscreen, to windowed, to borderless
didnt help either

as im writing this and wanted to make a screenshot it fixed itself… ofcourse, but i think its good that this question is out there as it happens to me allot. i couldnt find any information online and if there is any, please let me know.

as i love to use the product but if this happens it could get a little annoying

thanks in advance!

Hi @thegamegrazor,

Thank you for your report. It sounds like an edge case and it might be difficult to reproduce this issue. Could you share a bit more information please?

  1. What is your actual screen/display resolution? You mentioned 3840x2160, is it the actual one? As far as I remember, Overwolf did not fully support the 4K resolution in the past. We will verify if it is still the case.
  2. Does it happen when you open the roster window for the very first time only? Does it happen again during your game sessions?
  3. The app is configured the way to adjust the window position every time you open a window. Could you press the hotkey to open the roster window multiple times? Are you able to reproduce this issue from time to time during the same game session?

There is also an instruction on the Overwolf website regarding high screen resolutions. Could you try the steps described there please?