Showing incorrect ranks of players in Arenas

When playing ranked arenas the rank of teammates and enemies are incorrect. For a starter it always says I’m bronze 4. Secondly when it does show their rank, it is normally incorrect - I think possibly it might be displaying BR ranks instead of Arenas, however I am also not bronze in BR, so IDK exactly what’s happening.

Hi @ajabaroni,

Thank you for your report. Do I get it right that you use Steam to play Apex Legends? Unfortunately, we cannot get your current ranks in this case. The same applies to your teammates/opponents who use Steam instead of Origin to run Apex Legends.

The app shows current ranks for those who play with Origin, Xbox, and PlayStation only. In some cases, however, you should keep in mind that their ranks might be slightly outdated.

Ahhh, well then I guess the vast majority of people in my region use Steam, so it makes the app kind of pointless…

I had heard about Steam vs Origin tracker issues in the past, but as my stats display correctly on I thought it might have been a thing of the past.

You are using your Origin username on our website (not your Steam one) which is why you can see your stats there. However, it is currently not possible in the app due to technical limitations.

We keep requesting better Steam support to be able to get ranks of Steam players in our app but there is currently no progress in this area. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything here ourselves since we do not have access to Origin usernames of Steam players.

I hope you still find some value in the app as it offers some other unique features.