Site Notice: Broken Weapon Tracking (Update: 24th June)

Hi Everyone,

Since the latest patch, we know that weapon stats have stopped updating correctly; this bug is on Ubisoft’s side, not ours.

We have contacted Ubisoft and are hopeful they will resolve the issues.

Given this is an external error, we do not have a time frame for a fix.


Hi everyone,

This morning Ubisoft fixed some issues; your weapon kills moving forward should now update. (We’ll do some further validation today)

The bad news is that kills earned between when the API first broke and this morning are likely not going to be restored.

@AimanFN @TwitchCalitify @JBxrnezy @methaxetamine @Flerpy666

You all made posts in regard to weapon kill tracking; please see the above update.

It’s not the best news but it is progress.

Thank you