Site's UI is broken for mobile devices

Site is not responsive for mobile, I can’t even check my stats properly sometimes.

Hi @back2Lobby,

Such issues are extremely uncommon and difficult to reproduce. Could you clear your browser cache and check again please? If you have another browser, could you try to reproduce the issue in it as well?

@LostBlood [On Mobile] Tried it on opera browser and its working fine there. However on Chrome, it causes this issue while scrolling. I just cleared its 500+MB data from browser :joy: idk how 500+ MB (Also I have installed it as app by “Add to Home Screen” Chrome option).

Are you still having issues after clearing the data?

@LJM yea [I checked again] its same as before after clearing data :frowning: . But its working super smooth and totally fine on Opera.

@LostBlood @LJM I think it has something related to my mobile. Look at this screenshot of chrome (it happens same in opera too). It shows this this like “Window XP Error” on scrolling.