Solo Caschup Week 3 Session 1

As you can see on the picture i had 58 points when the tournament ended early but i did not show on the leaderboard nor did i recieve any power ranking. I missed out on around 200 pr which the others with 58 points recieved.

Yeah same for me i got 47 points and didnt get pr and i’m not on the leaderboard

i had 58 point yesterday and trn not showing me on the leaderboard and my pr

I had 57 point and i m not in leaderboard…


i have 72 points in session 3 round 1, but i have 8900 place. Can u fix this pls. My nickname: ziks 4

We al know fortnite end up 1sesion to restart all cashcup qual and maybe fortnite tracker can remove this sesion From tracker

Where is my Power ranking from solo cash cup broooooo

MINE TOO, I NEED IT, my top is fully bugged pls help my account is Elegy Lamella

Ya i want my pr too, leaderboard is so laggy

I play on console and my tracker says i play on pc. i played the console solo cashy and it hasn’t popped in on my tracker. i’m assuming it’s due to the fact that the tracker thinks my plat is pc but it’s not

This is the cash cup that we all played two hours of and then epic cancelled it and put a new one later. I got 47points and everyone on the leaderboard with 47points are 506-563 isch, and i cant find my self there. The cancelled Solo cc round is not on my fn tracker profile and i havent got my pr. I can send a video and/or a photo to show proof of everything.The second solo cc later that day showed up on my fn tracker profile but i didnt place 1-7500 so i got no pr ofc. What i want the support team to do is to mail me at my email that i’am sending to the person privatly and i’am sending all proof in game/in fortnite
such as i played the first round which got cancelled and still havent got my pr after a day. All my friends who played both of the cc got the pr that i havent got from the solo cc. Thank you if you’re reading this and if you are a helper/support answer this below and i’ll contact you privatley.

I want my 50pr that i didnt get. Btw it says that i’ve played a solo cc but it is the one who got reset. The one who got cancelled is not showing up. I got 47 points in the cancelled one (19:00-19:10) as you can see in the picture above and i got 47 points in the one who is showing up at my events tab(21:30-00:30).