Some Black Ops 4 Stats got reset

Hey guys

I’ll try to keep it short:

Some of my BO4 stats got a complete reset for whatever reason, like the score & the points per minute (and no, I didn’t reset my ingame profile)

That’s especially extremly painful to me because I was actually aiming for the top of the leaderboards in Germany & I was on 2nd place before the reset, now I’m gone from the leaderboards

I hope you can fix that

Hmmm that’s quite a significant change to the down side.

Leave it for a couple days and see if the score collates differently; I’m assuming your ‘score’ value was significantly higher for some period of time before this big drop off?

Yeah it was close to the max on your tracker (I was somewhere around 16,6 million), the max on the score leaderboard is 16,777,215 as seen on the screenshot.

Ingame I’m sitting at over 16,8 million right now

I checked the stats every few hours because I was hyped getting to the top, but then for whatever reason it dropped from the 16,6 million to a few thousands (where it started counting from new)

Same goes for the score per minute & score per game I guess

Any chance you can screenshot your ingame numbers?

We’ll get this resolved!


They are in German, so if you need help with translating something let me know, but I think it shouldn’t be that hard, the stats are pretty obvious

Hey, is there any update on my situation? (:

The images you linked are not viewable; can you try again?

Thank you

Hey, yeah sure!

Like I said previously tho, the points per minute are also bugged ingame, for whatever reason, but that’s not important.
What’s important is the overall score (the 18 million points) which would make me 1st or 2nd place on the German leaderboards, which sadly got reseted on your tracker, so it would be great if you could fix that <3