Some contents aren't reflected to the stats

Winning fall mountain in duo show is not reflected to the stats (I won SHOW7 and SHOW9, so the number of winning should be 2).
I think winning in duo show is not yet reflected to the stats in this app, right?

Also, button busher is not reflected to the stats (It is shown as “round_1v1_button_basher” in Show History tab).

This app is so useful for my play, so I hope I hear from you.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @gooly17,

Thank you for your feedback. We add new levels regularly but some are still missing in our database. We will add “Button Bashers” (round_1v1_button_basher) and a squad version of “Fall Mountain” (round_fall_mountain_squads) in the next update.

If you find more unknown levels, please let us know.

Hi, thanks for your quick support.
I got it, and look forward to the next update!

If I find other unknown levels, I’ll tell you about that in this thread.

The update is actually live already. :slight_smile:

Make sure you are using v1.0.1, you can check it in the app settings.