Some images on site doesn't appear

Images are not loaded when the site is first loaded, if the site is reloaded, they appear. But some places on the site (when viewing the battle summary, for example) do not have a separate site address and cannot be reloaded, so I cannot see the images at all there. At first I thought that it was my ad blocker that started to fail, but when I turned it off, they did not return. I also want to note that when you open the site in incognito mode, everything returns to its place. That is, apparently, the problem is somehow connected with extensions or something else, but I turned off the extensions and then everything returned, then no, I don’t understand…

The problem appeared quite recently, about a week ago, maybe even less, during this time I did not change anything in my browser

Hi, it’s highly likely your ad-blocker is incorrectly blocking images on our site. Sometimes you need to revisit the page after a few mins, or press ctrl+F5 until the page will load correctly.