Some matches not being tracked

I had a fun game with me playing IG with a Lebron teammate vs two other Lebrons (took a screenshot of it even), but I don’t see it in my recent match history which is making me a bit miffed that plenty of other matches are probably not being tracked. Am I missing something?


Please can you let us know your WB username please? Could we get any more details about that specific match just so we can identify it?


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Can’t really think about anything more specific about the match other than it was me as Iron Giant playing with three Lebron James players and my team won somewhat easily. I even played a new match with one of the enemies one my team later on. Yes my username is IJustPo0ped.

Just rechecked the matches recently and I can see the matches now. Don’t know if it just needed time to update them or if the moderator fixed it for me, either way thanks.

Great, good to hear, thanks.