Some suggestions for improvements

Hi there Tracker Team!

Just wanted to drop some suggestions which would make the app/website even better in my opinion.

-The ability to select how many matches you view in match history

It is now currently only showing last 20 matches, being able to select last 50/100/500 etc would be a nice feature to have.

-More line graphs

Currently you have a line graph for accuracy for the last 20 matches, I would like to be able to select for whatever stat I want and also decide the timeframe and have it be presented in a line graph. A really big one i would like would be the tracker score graphed in a line.

-The activity tab

Currently you can only see the last 60 days, I would like to have access to the lifetime stats of this. Another nice feature would be to be able to click on a certain day in the activity timeline and instantly be brought to the stats of those days so you can see what went wrong (or right) that day.

Hopefully you will be able to implement some or all of these features :slight_smile: