Some Vanguard stats not updated properly

I noticed that my EDR in-game does not match my EDR on my codtracker profile. The in-game EDR is substantially higher. I waited about 12 hours to let the server update. I now can see every match I’ve played on codtracker but the EDRs are still different. Here is a shot of one:


I’ll make a follow-up post with the other image due to forum restriction.

Anyone else experiencing this? Are these supposed to be different?

Here is my in-game EDR:


Hi @enzeetee,

Thank you for your report. There might be some changes in the API, we will verify the issue.

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We are going to release a fix soon (most probably, next week). The API has been changed which is why the value is incorrect right now.

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I decided to come back and check my profile and noticed that the stat is accurate now. Thanks for looking into it and giving an update. I really appreciate it!

Not only are Vanguard Stats 12hrs behind posting some of the stats are wrong. I have copied my stats on 3 separate times and find many of the game stats are wrong.