Spike Timer Valorant Tracker

I would like to suggest a new feature to the tracker. Its basically a timer that will be launched if you click on a button or if possible the timer starts automatic when the spike is planted. So it counts down till the spike detonates. Then you always know if you have time to defuse or not.

Hi @Raichu123Yt,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, it is not possible to track actions with the spike automatically due to technical limitations. However, we can add a new feature to let you start a timer manually using a hotkey.

Basically, when someone plants the spike, you have to press a hotkey to start a timer on your screen. The timer will not be accurate as there is always a delay but it may be a good indicator to make a decision.

Could you let us know please if this approach seems reasonable? Also, do you think this feature will be useful for other players? Why?

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This is exactly what I thought of. It would be a new reason for players to download the game as so many rounds are lost because you think you dont have enough time to defuse. I personally would love it.