Stat Tracker Doesn’t Load

Stat tracker barely ever works

Hello @Hacktivision and welcome to the TRN forums.

Can you provide a bit more information about the issue you’re seeing? For example:

  • What are you using (website, Overwolf App, mobile app)?
  • What are you expecting to see that isn’t showing up?
  • Are you receiving any error messages?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of what the issue is?
  • Have you done any troubleshooting yourself so far? If so, what have you done? (example: reinstalling the application, relinking accounts, etc.)
  • Which specific Call of Duty game isn’t working for you? The Tracker app covers multiple (Warzone, Vanguard, Cold War, Modern Warfare, Black Ops 3/4, WW2, Infinite Warfare)
  • Have you ensured that your platform (Activision ID, PSN, XBL, is linked in the Linked Accounts page on your TRN profile?

Any of this information will help the TRN team out to determine what the issue could be.

Mobile app and it takes forever or if it even loads matches. Good thing I tried the free version 1st.

WarZone. My accounts are linked.

Which version of the mobile app: Android or iOS?

Have you made sure you’re utilizing the most up to date version of the app? A new version was just updated today on Android. Latest versions are 3.10.0 for Android and 3.9.9 for iOS.

Which part of the application are you noticing the issue with? Just loading matches, or something else too?

iOS and yeah just loading matches.

The app is up to date.

Okay good, so we know that the app version isn’t the issue because you have the most up-to-date version. Thanks for confirming.

To be 100% certain of the issue, is this problem isolated to only your own profile (e.g.: you’re not able to view data on the “Matches” tab in your own profile), or are you not able to pull up match data for other profiles as well? Are you able to pull up the leaderboard and open a profile from there? If so, is it loading the Matches tab?

To be more granular, is it just that nothing is loading on the Matches tab, or specific elements aren’t loading in (such as missing games or not getting the correct K/D or Damage)? Are you able to open the “Overview” tab and see results?

I’m able to see overview quicker than matches. Matches are always the prior day matches as well, never recently played matches. It’s not limited to just my profile, others as well. Not a big deal, COD companion is just as bad. Was hoping this was better not real big deal WarZone is also broke!

Hi @Hacktivision,

Thank you for your message and information. As you probably know, we retrieve your stats from the Warzone API (i.e., from Activision servers). However, it is currently unstable and we cannot update your match history and lifetime stats sometimes. It has been happening for several weeks already and we hope Activision will fix it as soon as possible.