Stats are inaccurate between app and game

After each match in the Match History, it shows incorrect number of kills / knockdowns / assists / damage when compared to the actual in-game match summary. This seemed pretty accurate previously, but now its always off.


Hi @spar,

If you play Apex Legends for a long time, you might notice there are some cases when the game assigns you a kill even though you did not kill your opponent by yourself. For example, let’s consider the following situation:

  1. You knocked down your opponent “ABC”.
  2. Your teammate killed your opponent “ABC” who was knocked down by you.

In this example, the game will probably assign this kill to you. However, the app will assign this kill to your teammate because technically this is your teammate who killed the opponent. The same also happens when you kill someone’s victim.

We understand that it is confusing but we cannot implement the game approach for everyone in the lobby because of technical limitations. As a result, we decided to assign knockdowns and kills only when a player actually performs the corresponding attack (knockdown or kill).

Basically, we utilize the information given in the in-game kill feed. You can open the match timeline in a match report and compare it to what you saw in the game. In the end, you will find the same information in both places.


The numbers of knockdowns and assists are usually correct because the game and the app follow the same approach when counting them. Please let us know if the numbers are totally different in comparison to what you see in the game now. At the moment, we cannot confirm this issue.

Finally, the damage value is slightly higher or lower in the app than in the game because there is client-side and server-side damage in Apex Legends. At the moment, there is nothing we can do to make it more accurate in the app because the app receives client-side damage and it usually differs from the server-side damage.

Most probably, you are aware of Apex Legends Tracker being a third party app. Respawn does not provide official APIs to track your match history which is why we have to do all the calculations locally with some limitations.

I hope my answers make it clear why some values look inaccurate. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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@LostBlood thanks for the response, I’ll check it out in my next few matches :+1: