Stats Are Incorrect

My stats have been showing the same thing for weeks now and haven’t changed. It says I only have 7 wins when I have 512. My Rocket League in game stats and the stats shown on rocket league tracker are all different. The tracker also says that I am unranked in everything which isn’t true. Every single stat shown for my account on rocket league tracker is wrong and I have no idea why.

Hey @CanadianCucumber, can you please share a link of your profile on the Rocket League Tracker site?

Hi @RoDeX, here is the link thanks for helping.

Hi @CanadianCucumber,

We need a bit more information from you to understand the problem.

  1. Did you move from Steam to Epic Games Store? In other words, did you play on Steam in the past when Rocket League was not available in EGS?
  2. You don’t use our Overwolf app for Rocket League, right?

Thank you.

Hi @LostBlood, no I never did play on steam I’ve only played rocket league on epic. I just playing started a couple months ago. Also, I have the Overwolf app open while I am playing sometimes but not all the time. I have also looked at other websites and all of them have showed the same stats that tracker network shows. I had an old username when I first started playing but I changed it after a day. My current username is CanadianCucumber and that’s what account the app recognizes but I’m not sure if it stopped tracking my stats when I changed my username or something like that. Thanks again.

Could you show your in-game career stats please? Also, have you ever played on PlayStation or Xbox?

Here’s my in game stats

Also, I never played on xbox or playstation either.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, Rocket League APIs provide us with other values for your stats for some reason. We have sent a message to Psyonix about this issue, and we will let you know if we have any response from them.

Okay, thank you for helping.

Hi @CanadianCucumber,

Unfortunately, we have not received any response from Psyonix yet. However, we think changing your nickname might fix the issue. Would you like to try following this approach?

You can read about changing your nickname here:

Please note that you can change your nickname only once every two weeks (i.e., you have to wait two weeks if you want to use your current nickname again).

I changed my nickname and waited a day or so and my stats haven’t changed. I’m going to try changing it again in 14 days and hopefully it will get fixed. Thanks for following up with the issue.

Do I get it right that your previous nickname was CanadianCucumber while your new one is canadiancucumber?

This approach worked for our other users when they added at least one new letter. At the moment, there is a chance that these two nicknames are considered as the same one.