Stats are not tracking

Hi, I’m new to this forum so, don’t mind any weird mistakes that may happen.

I have been using for a while now and only recently have I started to have this issue. The issue here is that every time I go to check my stats, they aren’t updated, I am currently ahead in game by 170 games (including all the other stats to come with the matches played as nothing has updated. I have taken off my connections to my account and reconnected it which was about the only troubleshooting I could think of. I hope that this can be fixed soon as I really love using the service that you guys offer, being able to look at the stats that the game doesn’t show you and the specific leaderboards for them is really great. Also, I play on PlayStation if that helps.

I’ll be attaching an image of an in game screenshot of my lifetime stats and a link to my profile.

Profile link:

In-game screenshot: