Stats arent linking correctly on steam

I downloaded the overwolf TRN apex tracker and my old epex stats arent linking correctly even on the website my kills arent updating its just showing what happened each match.

Hi @itskevinbaby,

The app will track your stats locally only when the app is running. Please note that your lifetime stats will not be tracked in the app. You should use your in-game stat banners to update your lifetime stats on the website.

Its also the website too, I have about 1 thousand kills on Lifeline but It only shows 132 but for path I have about 200 and the website shows about 200. And I don’t know if its possible or if people really prefer not seeing their old stats but it’d be nice to have old stats. Lastly I’m like level 370 and it says im level 0.

Unfortunately, there are quite many technical limitations in getting stats of Apex Legends players these days. We hope we will be able to provide better stat tracking tools in the future.

As of now, please make sure that you are using default stat trackers in-game to update your stats on the website:

I can’t even look up any stats. Cannot find my in game apex account using my username. This is from the steam market place and windows platform.

Hi @HaveAGDay,

Please make sure you are using your Origin nickname to find your stats in Apex Legends.