Stats corruption? (Re-upload)

I played 8 control matches in this season (s15)
But tracker says i played 10 matches in this season.

According to match history, overview stats should be
148 kills 68 deaths 8 matches 4 wins 4 losses

It seems like stats of 2 matches played at the very end of the season 14 are included in s15 stats.

I checked all the matches and found out that 2 matches below were reflected to stats TWICE:

2021.8.24 6.09.51 pm (KST)
Control Quickplay
Rusted lands
duration 9m 40s
MyKDA 8/15/7

2021.8.24 5.58.00 pm (KST)
Control Quickplay
Widow’s Court
duration 10m 13s
MyKDA 4/12/8