Stats dont show up and need help

I can not see my stats and it shows nothing on my account and maybe i have to sign in but im not sure ive looked up videos on it and nothing shows up so i need help asap

Please make sure you close your game and make sure Overwolf is running before your game launches. If this doesn’t solve the issue, please reply here.

I have the same problem is not showing my stats either just other peoples

From the sounds of it, this sounds like a different issue. Was your R6 account created after the start of the current season? Is your name showing within the ‘Live Match’ page of the overlay?

Hello I whenever im in live match i can see the other people’s stats but mine say N/A. Is there a way to fix it?

Not currently, Ubisoft broke their data source for the stats labelled as “N/A”. We hope to share better news in the future.