Stats not being properly tracked

Hello, i just started using you tracker and it does not seem to track kills and knockdowns. It does seem to track Assists and Damage. While the player roster is impressive stats for my party members also don’t seem to get tracked. I don’t have these problems with other tracking plugin software of overwolf. I am using steam to play the game.

Looks like this is a new issue we are looking into with the Overwolf team, sorry about that.

Hey @Darkbelg, can you please enable this setting if it’s Off and check again?

Yes turning this setting on fixed it. Now i am getting a kill count for everyone.

Cool, thanks for sharing that info.

how do i login into the app

So i can see my stats

Hey, the app should detect you automatically, but only on Origin right now, unfortuantely.

Is there an initiative to get the tracker to track stats the same way Apex assigns kills? If I down a person and a teammate eliminates them, the tracker gives them the kill but Apex assigns it to me since it was my knock. This means kills and K/D will always be different, even though the total of knocks and damage will be correct. It also works in the opposite direction with me getting credit for elims in the tracker as a kill, even if according to Apex I didn’t get any kills that game.

Is this a known issue, or is there some configuration somewhere I can adjust to correct this?

@AelinSkyfire Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to detect that in the app. It can track only the actions of the user, not the context of the match.

hello, i have problems with the stats in valorant,i am playing and nothing changes, any ideas?

Hi @sextopformatos1,

Please create a new topic on the forum of the Valorant app and share more information about your problem:

We need to know your Valorant nickname. Please find your profile on our website ( and give us a link. Also, please let us know what you see in the app right now.

i cant even log in…

Hi @MercyKillah87,

Please describe your problem in detail. Are you using Apex Legends Tracker in Overwolf? What are you trying to do? Have you played a match on PC to detect your profile in the app automatically?

Thank you.