Stats not private anymore in live game

Before my profile was marked as private and only the current rank was show to others in the in-game app for live stats but now it shows my general stats , hides peak rank and latest win/loss.
I know immortal cant be private on website but it was like that in the in game app.
How to fix ?
Its the same for everyone now

This change come up with latest version update and to me it is buggedf.

Hi @mathieuderuyck,

I verified the data and everything seems correct:

  1. Your Valorant profile (the one that you linked to your Tracker Network account on this page: is currently public which is why we show your stats now.
  2. Your latest wins/losses are supposed to appear as well, but we will need more information from you to understand why nothing shows up. Would you be able to play another match in the same game mode and send us your app logs if win/losses still do not appear? ([Guide] How to send your Overwolf logs)
  3. Your current rank is hidden on the agent select phase because you are using the streamer mode. It should appear on the live match page as soon as a match starts.
  4. We can get your stats if you are using the streamer mode and your profile is public. It could be a bug or some other issue if the app failed to get your stats previously.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


The thing is that I can see everyone’s stats, no matter if they are private or public, if they are those of immortal and above, it shows their total of current act but not their latest wins/losses, even tho they marked their profile as private. The same goes for me. It shows all my stats of current act, just not my peak rank and wins/losses, as you can see in screenshot.
How do i disable streamer mode and make my profile private in game ?

When I try to mark my profile as private on the website again, or at least disable access, it says failed (check screenshot) : Screenshot by Lightshot

As you can see here (Screenshot by Lightshot) it shows the same stats for other players too, they dont have current rank but show all total stats, and in game their peak rank is missing too anyway, their latest wins/losses dont show up either as before latest update.

For immortal and above, i can see all player stats, even tho they marked their profile as private, before the update it didnt show their stats and said (profile marked as private) and only their current rank was shown, now it doesnt show their current rank and in stead show all their stats except the current rank , however only their peak rank is missing in live match, including mine.

As a summary, it show all stats of private profiles of immortal and above, just not their peak rank. The profile private only shown for lower than immortal ranks.

How can i see other people current rank and peak rank ?

Why are my stats displayed even tho i mark my profile as private on website ? Why are my losses/wins missing for other players as well as my peak rank in live match and agent selection screen ?

Zip file with logs as requested : AppLogs_2024-05-26_12-09-33

Above screenshot shows live game stats in game
As you can see marked as private profiles doesnt show stats and my peak rank is missing.
In fact i want my profile to be private like the other guys in lobby but it isnt

Thank you for additional information! Some of these things definitely look wrong. If possible, could you attach your logs from your last match as well?

I will review everything and let you know if we can fix it.

please see attached : Screenshot by Lightshot

Even tho my profile is private on website it shows my stats, not my peak rank, and mark others as private now

There is no way to put my tracker private for some reason.
I just get revoke failed when i try to do so and tried many possible solutions.

As you can see my stats are Not private :frowning:

We have just released v1.21.2, you should get the update soon. We decided to revert some changes made in the previous updates, but we will need more time to review the privacy issue closely.

Please note that this is the expected behavior approved by Riot Games:

  1. If a profile is private and a player is Immortal or Radiant, stats are always public in Competitive but are private in other game modes.
  2. If a profile is private and a player is not Immortal or Radiant, stats are private in all game modes.

We have taken actions to prevent broader privacy issues while we are reviewing the app logic. However, you are currently Immortal which means your Competitive stats will become visible in the future updates again. Your stats will stay private in other game modes.

Also, I believe that your profile is already private on our website, this is probably the reason why the site shows the error. As I said previously, you cannot make your Competitive stats private because your are Immortal/Radiant.


Please check :

Profiles are marked as private even though they are ranked Immortal and above, like my account, but my account isnt private in live game stats.
I know it is public on the website for Immortal and above, but it wasnt like this in live stats game, so i would like to keep and remain it private in game.
How can it show private back as everything to make it private has already been done ?

Competitive stats of these Immortal players on your screenshot are supposed to be public in the app. We are going to look into it to understand why the app fails to properly detect the privacy status in these cases.


Its been always like that for me that stats appear as marked as private even though they are Immortal or above. I was all ranks like Immortal 3 and my profile was marked as private too.

Until the latest update came but i still see other Immortal players as private in Competitive/Ranked. And when it shows all my stats, not my peak rank.

Another problem is i dont get the overline/overlay on scoreboard in game ( tab)


Now it looks for me like this the first match ranked :

Ot says Profile Private for me even tho I am immortal 2 and it says 422RR currently for my profile even tho i am immortal 2 (152RR or something). Other profiles look public now.

Hi @mathieuderuyck,

Thank you for letting me know.

You can see stats of other players because their profiles are public (not because they are Immortal).

Your Competitive stats should be public in this match as well because you are Immortal (even though your profile is private), but the app currently hides your stats because of a bug, this behavior is not intended. Please note that we have not yet released an update to address it.