Stats not showing for Arenas USA

I should be top 10 in the USA for Arenas with Wraith, but it’s not even showing me on the boards at all. I only play with Wraith. 991.8k damage, 1862 kills, 381 wins.
Even if we take off half of my stats, I’d be top 15/20 in every metric.

Here’s a permalink to a screenshot of my stats:

  1. Please make sure your account is linked here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

  2. Please set your region here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

  3. Looking at your profile you have not played with the Arena trackers on your legend Rezin_RZN-TTV’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

  4. Please play a few matches with the appropriate Trackers you wish to be shown on site equipped in-game; please take into consideration we can only update one legend at a time.

  5. One your personal profile is showing the Arenas data it may take up to 12 hours to show on the regional leaderboards.

My account is linked. My region is set. As far as what shows in the game, there are no trackers for arenas, only badges, and I have two of those equipped. The other two are still regarding wins, but I have the main wins badge on that tracks wins with each character. Wins should be showing by that logic, but kills and damage have no badge tracking that stat for arenas.

You have three trackers for arenas.

Arenas Damage
Arenas Wins
Arenas Kills

We can only pull data from these.

The trackers unfortunately cost 30 crafting materials each from the store (Nothing we can do about that)

Example below

We cannot see ‘global account data’ we can only see equipped trackers on your currently selected legend.

Ah, I am blind clearly as I scrolled through the badges a dozen times and went right past those. Equipped them.

It happens!

Play a match or two with them on! This should trigger your personal profile to update; in turn the global leaderboards upon their next refresh shall show your stats!

Thank you

Thanks, will check back in 12 hours. Sorry to bother you.

Not sure why my stats show on the overall leaderboards but not when sorted by Origin. I have the game through Origin and have my account linked via Origin to here soooo, how do I fix this?

So, for some reason my stats dont show on the damage and wins specific board, but the kills show.

Assuming you’re now playing with all of the trackers they will slowly update.

Due to the amount of data we can’t instant refresh all LB’s at once